“EVERYBODY-2018”: Cyprus in the finals

On May 8, they held the first Eurovision semifinal in Lisbon and voted for the 10 singers who went to the finals.

Since 2001, the Grand Four automatically runs in the finals – Germany, Great Britain, Spain and France. These countries are the main sponsors of contests. In 2005, Italy joined them. Also in the finale is the country that won the previous year and accepts guests.

In 2018 Portugal is hosting a competition in Lisbon. The country was given the opportunity to host the Eurovision “home” thanks to Salvador Sobrel, who won the competition in 2017 in Kyiv.

In the first semi-final, 19 countries competed for the victory in the song contest: Iceland, Albania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Israel, Belarus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Finland, Armenia, Switzerland, Ireland and Cyprus .

The finals were:

Eugent Bushpepa – Mall (Albania)
Mikolas Josef – Lie to Me (Czech Republic)
Ieva Zasimauskaitė – When We’re Old (Lithuania)
Netta – TOY (Israel)
Elina Nechayeva – La Forza (Estonia)
EQUINOX – Bones (Bulgaria)
Cesar Sampson – Nobody But You (Austria)
Saara Aalto – Monsters (Finland)
Eleni Foureira – Fuego (Cyprus)
Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Together (Ireland)